The settlement Wernigerode was mentioned documentary for the first time in the year 1121. From this times is also the castle of the Count Adalbert from Heimar. The settlement is substantially older. One supposes that the settlement in the 9th or 10th Century was founded.

In the year 1229 Wernigerode got the town charter. In the 16th Century come several disasters over the town. So it come in the year 1525 to a national uprising and in the year 1528 destroys a fire the major part of the houses. Toward end of the century the town is afflicted by the plague. In the Thirty Year War (1618-1648) the town was plundered repeatedly.

In the year 1714 are assigned the county Wernigerode to the state of Brandenburg-Prussia. 1806 are assigned Wernigerode to the Kingdom of Westphalia and goes back to Prussia in 1815. In the year 1847 a large fire destroyed again the town. Only few houses survived the burning.

In the year 1872 the railroad to Halberstadt was opend and a short while later the railroad to Nordhausen(1899). In the 20th Century develops the town to an industrial location. In the Second World War a part of the historical old part of town was destroyed by bomb attacks.

After the reunification Wernigerode developed to a heath and holiday resort. Wernigerode is situated at the nothern edge of the Harz mountains. The town with its styleful half timbered houses has a magic attraction since many years.

The city hall, the Kleinste Haus (smallest house) and the Schiefe Haus (inclined house) are only some features of Wernigerode. In the castle the visitor learns intrestings about the 800 years-old history of the counts and prince of Wernigerode. Highlights of various celebrations are the city hall celebration and the castle festival.

Owing to the ideal position Wernigerode is a favorable starting point for trips, hiking routes and a experience-rich travel with the narrow-gauge railway to the submit of the Brocken or along the uniquely landscape. A lot of engaged couples get married in the castle church or in the city hall. In Wernigerode one always discover something new, sees now!