Through its scenic location (338 m asl) in Bode near the dam Wendefurth was the district belonging to Altenbrak since 1945, a much frequented excursions and recreation destination. Wendefurth was first mentioned in the 1573rd The dam is also the most visited destination.

Further turning the dam forms with a height of 43 m the conclusion of the Bode dam system. In the overall system, it is the only one that is not used for the provision of potable water. Their main task is exclusively for flood control and power generation. The capacity of 9.2 million cubic meters shall be taken only during the floods in and claim to water management environment similar dismantled. The shut-off was built as a curved gravity dam with a radius of 420 m. In it there are two patrols, which are superimposed. The reservoir operation serves the resin a visit to the interior of the dam.

For the free temporary use of the dam and the idyllic surroundings, several leisure companies have located here, you can row boats, sail boats, water bicycles, paddle boats, rent electric boats, to approve, on the banks of the dam in the sun or enjoy quite rustic smoked fish. Of Wendefurth there is a trail on the trail all along the Bode Bode, 3 km away Altenbrak.

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