Langelsheim lies at the northern edge of the Harz near Goslar. Nestled in the rolling hills of the resin edge is the place between innermost and Grane, where the river crosses the innermost city. Langelsheim also, like many other places in the northern Harz region, can look back on a very long history. Finds of Neolithic suggest that there is a very old settlement site.

First foundation beginnings can be traced back to the 8th century, as excavations of a Carolingian castle on the stone boat show. The first written reference is narrated from the year 1016 as Lanchel. Later the place was called Laggenizze. It is likely that this was a foundation of the Ottos, the errichtetet on the barge, a 7-acre stone castle, ramparts, which is now called the Hindenburg.
Langelsheim has a very old tradition of mining. Already for the 13th century are found at the foot of Verhüttungseinrichtungen Kahn stone. Under utilization of the water of the heart and the timber resources of the resin, the Rammelsberg ore were processed. In the 16th century brought the Welf dukes of Brunswick and Hanover a new smelting technology to Langelsheim. The Duke Juliushütte and wife Sophia-hut processed centuries the Lead and zinc ore of Rammelsberg. In consequence of this economic importance Langelsheim was raised in 1653 for the princely office.
Today Langelsheim is a peaceful town with the districts Astfeld, Bredelem, as well as two state-recognized climatic health resorts Lautenthal and Wolfshagen. Marked Langelsheim today by industry and tourism. The wide waters of the two dams and rivers offer excellent opportunities for water sports and fishing. An extensive network of hiking trails and many cycle paths invite you to exercise in nature.
Camper offers the internationally famous camp "Am Krähenberg" (65,000 square meters), a year-round home. Also worth seeing are the Harz model railway center (Europe's largest model train show), the Lower Saxony Mining Museum with the worldwide unique opportunity to indulge in a Erzkahnfahrt underground, and the local museum Langelsheim.

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