The Höhenluftkurort Allrode, scenic Luppbodetal located in the midst of meadows and beautiful mixed forests, gives the visitor a pleasant tranquility and independence rural residence, away from busy roads but still central. The resin extra-healthy climate has beneficial effects on heart and circulatory disease and helps with respiratory illnesses.

Possible to 11 Kurterrainwegen well signposted walks and excursions in all directions. A special trail the Selke-Bode Stieg was briefly mentioned here, he leads by over Treseburg Allrode towards Güntersberge and after passing through the idyllic woodland between Luppbode, Limbach and Selke. In the winter of 1893 founded Harzklub club branch Allrode maintains the 76 km long network of hiking trails around the quiet town. A rich fauna and flora to be discovered. Four natural monuments are invite for sightseeing:
wrapped the 1000-year-old oak
the sequoia on the road in the direction of Allrode Hasselfelde - Staircase
the hollow oak (about 900 years old)
The unique screen in Beech Mountain Jug (ca. 400 years old)

The counting about 700 inhabitants Höhenluftkurort existed for over 1000 years and was first mentioned in 961. The present church of greywacke in Allrode was consecrated in 1852. From the termination of the Franco-German war in 1871, the peace was planted oak in the village center. Since the end of September 2006 Allrode has a home office. They can be found at the Visitors at the church square. Here you can be shown on the historical development of the town, on the Harz Club Association and the nature in a picture gallery inform "birds of the forest."

Since the turn of the century sought Allrode to be a health resort. Today is an interesting high Allrode resort with numerous inns, hotels, apartments, homes and rooms become. He is often sought out by people who want to escape the bustle of the big cities. Of course, the caterers have set with a good kitchen for the guests.

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